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Current Educational Uses On Wikia

Wikia is currently being used in several ways within education by both teachers and students.

Wikia as a resource for teachers
  • Make a classroom or school page
  • Post newsletters
  • Exhibit student work
  • Network with other teachers
  • Find and create lesson plans
  • Learn teaching methods
  • Provide distance learning
Wikia as a resource for Student
  • Search for information
  • Display class work
  • Create a student community
  • Practice writing skills
  • Learn how to use a Wiki
  • Receive class information from any computer

Educational Wikis On Wikia

There are many Wikia pages set up specifically for education. A few well developed pages exhibit the current uses of Wikia in the classroom. Here are some examples:

High School Online Collaborative Writing
  • This site invites schools to join and update the page. The page includes a table of contents where students or educators can add information about different topics. Topics range from Relationships to Law. This site also provides an online art gallery to display their students' art work.

Education on Wikia
  • This site is a resource for teachers. This site provides a "Meeting Point" where teacher's can interact or network. The site also gives information about teaching methods. A key feature to this page is the "Lesson Plan Café". This page categorizes different grade levels and even provides business ideas as well. Within each grade level, there are specific subject links where the lesson plans can be found. Teachers can post and update lesson plans to this site as well as search for new ideas.

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